Saturday, November 22, 2008

He may hate me when he's older but look at this

The dude is in to dress up now and that means whatever he can find he gets creative with whether it's raiding the sisters dress up box of just using mom coat as a Batman cape. SO much fun and way cool watching him.On this day he thought it would be cool to add some blonde locks to his head(wouldn't he make a cute little girl lol). The girls like him playing dress up too.
Yesterday was the EEG test day oh boy that was an experience not fun for this momma or a unhappy little dude. So glad it's over with and the nice tech guy clued me in on what will happen with the EMG so I told Louis i don't care what he has to do at work that he will be there holding Mav and my hands in FEB. With all my heart I believe God has given me Mav for a reason it was my life plan with him to be Mav's momma he sure does throw us some curve balls but we get through it. YEsterday as I was about to cry I looked down at Mav and with those big brown eyes he looked at me and i smiled, the tears evaporated and I was ok for the moment when all the wires were attached I finally got to lay beside him I rubbed his little tears away and talked to him while the test was being preformed in that moment it felt like arms were wrapped around the 2 of us and everything would be ok.I believe in that kind of stuff I know I may sound crazy but seriously have you ever felt like or experience something like that where you feel like a higher power is with you or an angel is by your side?
Have a great weekend!

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