Double Feature Revealed

It's that time of the month again...get your mind out of the gutter silly, I'm talking about REVEAL at Cocoa Daisy!
The name of this months kit is Double Feature.This month was another fun kit. I'm not going to lie and say it was my favorite because truthfully I really liked it but it's not my favorite kit that I've worked with.I do have favorite pieces out of the kit but I stumbled when it came time to create.If you follow me on instagram you already know that I really got upset with myself especially with one of my favorite things in the kit. I did figure out a fun way to use that thing so I will wait to share that :) I ended up only creating 3 layouts this time and for me it got really emotional which isn't usual for me I have a few times where I cried while creating but not like this they we big tears, alligator tears and my mood was not good. I think it was a combination of things one being the subjects of my photos: the California Trip with Friends(I miss them) and my Duke dog(he's always by my side on the bad days he knows when something is wrong but his age is starting to show and catch up with him and well it just sucks because I can't even think of what the bad days would be like without my loyal farting, snoring, grunting boy at my side). I still have alot of the kit and add-ons left on my desk and I'm hoping that now I'll be able to go back and create a few more things with it.  ok so enough of my honest rambling on with the show....I got the main kit Double Feature, Starring Role, and Now Showing. I also used a couple tags, vellum, a doily, and old trust(my sewing machine).

***this photo is dark we were in the hotel lounge/bar chatting it up with the Aussie girls one night and I used my panorama feature on the iPhone to take this.***


lisa said…
You totally rocked this kit : )
Such happy memories to document this month xxx
Ashley Calder said…
Love those long skinny panoramas! Very cool.
em said…
while i love all three of these, the dog one is my favorite. :)
Margrethe said…
I love these, but I really, really love the one with the smile-overlay!

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