this one time... the Saturday 7

Since I'm a day late and a dollar short for Friday we shall now have the Saturday 7! Who's with me?  On with the show....

1. I LOVE this CD it plays over and over either in the car or on my ipod.

2. I have been having a lot of fun with Skype lately. If you don't have it Dude get out the dark ages(i just turned my rock over lol). I love that I can chat with and see my friends here in the states and my favorite people all the way across the world. Mr.K thinks I'm crazy when I yell "hey, come here so and so want to meet you!"

3. This week we took a trip down memory lane. The girls got all the scrapbooks out on Valentine's day and we sat looking thru them all. It's funny to see how my style has but at the same time hasn't changed much.
4. I absolutely hate when you contact someone on Craigslist and they never respond back! Dude, seriously is it that hard  to remove your damn post or respond to the email? AHH! What am I Craigslist surfing for you ask? A Boxer. Yes, another dog to add to our crazy life. My Dukers is getting old and my Gma suggested it would be a good idea to get another while we have him so that the pup learns from Duke and will be there for me not to replace Duke but to pick up the pieces. Duke is a HUGE part of my everyday he's always at my side, by my feet(as I type this that's where he is), or following me to the next room.

5. I finally took some new head shot photos this week. I needed one otherwise it probably wouldn't have happened. I'm not that fond of photos of myself. I know the rundown about my kids and future generations needing photos of me but I seriously just don't like having my mug show up on camera. but since i told you i have one i might as well share right?
6. I am loving hats and scarves now. I think Christine has inspire this new accessory love. I'm making an effort to be a tad more girly for my girls sake.

7. Last but not least number seven. here at casa K we are movie watchers so let me list 7 movies on DVD and tell you good or don't waste your time.
1. GOOD!

2. Wasted time(Mr.K & I both didn't like it)

3.GOOD! all my kids love this and so do us adults

4. Good. This is a momma bear movie for sure.

5.AWESOME! I love anything with Clint Eastwood tho. 

6. GOOD! Both kids & adults.

7. GOOD! I love anything with Channing Tatum. Mr.K liked it too. 
we've seen others but these were the ones that came to mind tonight.  TED was funny, Cosmo something with Robert Pattinson we turned it off because it was naughty! yes that naughty and we just didn't get into the movie. The Bourne Legacy Mr.K watched and liked.
Have a great weekend!~MK


em said…
Love the movie recommendations!!!
Oh Duke. This makes me sad.
I'm glad you dropped by my blog. I suck at visiting blogs, it's a time thing. So your comment made me come by. I'm sitting here listening to the neighbours yelling at each other (can't help but listen THEY YELL LOUD!) and i'm missing your face.

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